The column has always been both functional and beautiful. Perfected by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the column was an art form. Although columns may be of stone, iron, steel, concrete or wood, those sensitive to the environment always choose wood. In Europe, examples of wooden structures several centuries old are common. In the finest homes, cathedrals and commercial structures throughout the world, people desire the warmth, beauty and strength of solid wood.
As old growth trees become more costly and difficult to find, we at Gruen-Wald Laminates, Inc. have found a way to bring you the beauty, strength and durability of the wood column, in virtually any size that your building needs may require. Old world handcrafting skills are combined with high tech chemistry and science to produce a premium wood column. Crafted from 100 renewable resources that requires less energy to produce than any other building material, the Gruen-Wald Classic is the ultimate environmentalist's choice. Utilizing all parts of the tree harvested, there are dozens of by-products used daily that better our lives.
You may take pride in your Gruen-Wald Classic Columns because they reduce the impact of development on the environment while giving you maximum strength and durability. 

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