The ultimate in protection for your home or business. This mechanically seamed concealed fastener panel can be installed with either a fixed or floating clip system. Mechanical Lock is available in a radius panel and in some cases, the panels can be manufactured at your job site (some limitations apply). 

Our Mechanical Lock panel is ideal for low slopes and long runs.


  • Mechanical Lock may be installed over a solid substrate.
  • This panel must double seamed.
  • Mastic tape can be applied for superior weather tightness.
  • This panel can be manufactured at job site to greatly reduce the risk of damage during transportation.
  • Protective film can be applied to panels for added protection at customer's request or at Bridger Steel's recommendation. 


Ordering Information

Going the extra mile for you is important to us. When you place your order with Bridger Steel: 

  • We cut your metal roofing panels to the exact lengths you need. 
  • We service anywhere in the US or Canada.
  • We offer fast turn around on your order. 

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