Dec 14, 2013 - Industry News

Numerous "laminated" columns have begun cropping up around the country. Most of them are nail laminated and some have added a bead or two of non-structural adhesive between the plies. This adhesive is totally useless to hold multiple plies of dimensional lumber in tension or shear and therefore is of no use in assigning strength to the product. Do not be deceived by the claim of "nail plus". It is non-structural adhesive with 2 (two) stainless wires pulled through every 8 inches! These columns are limited in their application in that they must have lateral bracing in the weak axis (can't be used as a stand-alone column) and the nails create problems for the contractors when they need to be cut. The nail pattern equivalent of our permanent adhesive would be 1-20d each square inch of column face area each ply. The column is also approximately 15% weaker than the Gruen-Wald Classic Column and cannot be stock piled for extended periods oftime!

A second column has appeared that is built by assembling several plies of Ponderosa Pine with permanent adhesive. The "column" is then treated full length and has to be dried to be useable in the construction of Post-Frame Buildings. Often these are "drip dried" and may take months to reach 19% moisture content.
A nail laminated column using ACQ treatment has appeared also. Research we have done shows that ACQ is very corrosive and would require stainless steel connectors be used throughout. Our efforts at investigating this column reveals that they use a standard electroplate galvanized nail to ply the treated portion "above grade". It is not the ground that eats the nails; it is the ACQ that will destroy the nails!

Again I remind you, a 20d nail each square inch of each ply would be required to equal the holding capacity of our permanent adhesive. Metal connector plates would also be eaten up quickly by the ACQ.
One company founded by two salesmen offers glu-Iam products without third party certification. This is extremely dangerous because this company lacks the technical oversight and quality control standards of AP AlEWS or AITC member plants. My question to you, if you plan to buy these uncertified products is "Do you feel lucky today? Check with your local or state building officials if they are comfortable with uncertified product. More importantly, ask the owner if they feel lucky!

Gruen-Wald Classic Columns are technically supported by a team of Structural Engineers and APAIEWS. Our products all meet AITC/ANSI A 190.1 standards so you can buy and use these products with total confidence. Your questions will always be answered quickly so that you can bid with confidence. Complete certified (stamped) drawings are available for any state in the USA.
In summary, the Gruen-Wald Classic Column will give you a superior product in every way at a competitive price. Your buildings may be insurable at a better rate, the service life will be longer and you will have more satisfied customers using Gruen-Wald Classic Columns.
Please contact Loren, Andy or Duane to discuss vour next project using Gruen-Wald Classic Columns. Remember, "GOOD ENOUGH" NEVER IS!!

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